FFPRI FluxNet / 森林総合研究所フラックス観測ネットワーク


FFPRI FluxNet Database (FFNet DB)

The FFPRI FluxNet offers a micro-meteorological database obtained in our observation network. The database contains the observed flux data of energy, water vapor and carbon dioxide between the forest and the atomosphere. It also takes in the micro-meteorological elements such as air temperature, air humidity, wind velocity and solar radiation above the forest canopy.

To use the data in the FFPRI FluxNet database, users must consent to the following Fair Use Policy. The online application to download data is available from the Data Request page .

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Data Contents

Item NameAbbreviationUnit
Air temperatureTa°C
Relative humidityRh%
Wind velocityUms-1
Wind directionWD°
Solar radiation (downward)SdWm-2
Solar radiation (upward)SuWm-2
Photosynthetically active radiation (downward)Pdμmol m-2s-1
Photosynthetically active radiation (upward)Puμmol m-2s-1
Net radiationRnWm-2
Soil heat fluxGWm-2
Sensible heat fluxHWm-2
Latent heat fluxlEWm-2
Friction velocityUstms-1
CO2 fluxFcμmol m-2s-1
CO2 storage change in canopy air layerScμmol m-2s-1
Net ecosystem exchangeNEEμmol m-2s-1
Ecosystem RespirationReμmol m-2s-1
Gross Primary ProductionGPPμmol m-2s-1

Data Interval


Fair Use Policy

  1. The Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute holds the copyright for all numeric and image data (referred to as “data” below unless otherwise noted) supplied from FFPRI FluxNet.
  2. The data may be used only for academic research or educational purposes. It may not be used for commercial uses.
  3. Even if the purpose is for academic research or education, the use of the data may be refused if such use interferes with the purposes of other data users. In addition, the data provider may claim the right of to be a coauthor of any research results that use FFPRI FluxNet data.
  4. An application for use and approval are required to use the numeric data. The application contents are examined by the appropriate data provider and other concerned parties. Permission to use numeric data is granted only to the individual making application. It is prohibited to transfer the numeric data to a third party.
  5. FFPRI FluxNet is not responsible for any errors or mistakes included in the data. The user assumes all responsibility for using the data. The data content may be updated.
  6. In order to provide more accurate data, the user should contact the office below if errors or mistakes are discovered.
  7. When publishing results that use this data, clearly indicate that FFPRI FluxNet data has been used and cite the main publication listed in the document file.
  8. [Citation Example]

    Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute. FFPRI FluxNet Database, (http://www2.ffpri.affrc.go.jp/labs/flux/) March 31st, 2010 (data publication date)

  9. Contact the office below before results that use this data are published. If the results are published in printed media, send one copy to the address below.

FFPRI FluxNet Steering Committee:

Department of Disaster Prevention, Meteorology and Hydrology,
Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute,
1 Matsunosato, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8687 JAPAN