Japan-US Inter-Comparison Measurements

Japan-US Inter Comparison in Tomakomai and Sapporo Site

There are several research networks for carbon dioxide flux studies now, and they are well maintained and reinforced by the scientists with the common interest. For a cooperative studies, it is important to know the characteristics of individual observation systems and analytical approaches and recognize the difference in the obtained data.

Concerning such issue, a proposal of inter-comparison measurements was brought up from AmeriFlux and it was conducted in two flux observation sites in Hokkaido (Tomakomai Flux Research Site, NIES* and Sapporo forest meteorology research site, FFPRI) from 10 August 2001 for ten days.

Bob Evans (USDA** Forest Service, AmeriFlux) has leaded the group of other 8 researchers from 5 institutions: Yamamoto (deputy director) and Saigusa (senior research scientist) from AIST***; Hirano (associate professor) from Hokkaido University; Ohtani (head of Meteorological Lab.) from FFPRI; Nakai (group leader), Kitamura and Suzuki (researchers) from FFPRI Hokkaido research center; and Toriyama (NIES fellow) from NIES.

Measurements were carried out by 3 CO2 flux observation systems; AmeriFlux closed-path system and both closed-path and open-path system adopted in Hokkaido sites.

* NIES: National Institute for Environmental Sciences, Japan
** USDA: United States Department of Agriculture
*** AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan

Related publications

Yuichiro NAKAI, Nobuko SAIGUSA, Takashi HIRANO (2002) Results of Japan-U.S. Inter-Comparison Measurements, AsiaFlux Newslettter, 2:4-6

Yuichiro NAKAI, Nobuko SAIGUSA, Takashi HIRANO, Robert EVANS, Yoshikazu OHTANI, Ryuichi HIRATA, Atsushi Toriyama, Knezo KITAMURA, Satoru SUZUKI, Susumu YAMAMOTO. (2002): Japan-US Inter-Comparison of Flux Measurements in Tomakomai and Sapporo in August 2001, Japan Society of Hydrology and Water Resources, 15-6:665-672 [in Japanese]


All images were photographed in FFPRI FluxNet Sapporo site.

AmeriFlux Li6262&CR21 , Flow Controller system
from left:
Air temperature sensor ATI-SAT (AmeriFlux)
Kaijo-SAT + aspirated Temp./Humidity (FFPRI)
Advanet E009 open-path IRGA (FFPRI)
Left: Net radiometer Q*7 (AmeriFlux)
Right: downward-looking PPFD(Li190), Pyranometer(Kip&Zonen) (FFPRI)
global PPFD sensors: on the boom (AmeriFlux)
(both Li190 ) closer one (FFPRI)
a global pyranometer: Kip & zonen (FFPRI)
compact set of Li6262 , CR21, flow-controller (AmeriFlux)
Pump (AmeriFlux)
Computer (AmeriFlux)
Inside of the shelter at the base of the tower (FFPRI)
Housing (tent) at the base of the tower for AmeriFlux equipments