Updated: 2010-09-16

Portable System Observation 1, FJY

The system was tested twice in autumn 2007, against an existing routine system and gave a favorable result in flux data.

Observation Period

20-25 September and 31 October - 8 November 2007


Fujiyoshida forest meteorology research site (japanese red pine forest)
Location: 35° 27.275' N, 138° 45.737' E., Elevation: 1030m asl.
Fujiyoshida (FJY) Site Information

Photo gallery:

Setting on the ground
(20-25 September)
System set up
(20-25 September)
Continuous measurement
(20-25 September)
(31 October - 8 November)
SAT setting
(20-25 September)
(31 October - 8 November)


Correlation diagram of fluxes of sensible heat (Fh, left) and CO2 (Fc, right) of portable system against that of routine system.
Suffix r indicates the value of routine system and p is for portable. (Ohtani et. al. 2010)
Cited reference

OHTANI Yoshikazu, MIZOGUCHI Yasuko, TAKANASHI Satoru, YASUDA Yukio, IWATA Hiroki, NAKAI Yuichiro, YUTA Satoko, YAMANOI Katsumi (2010): Development of a portable CO2 flux observation system using a closed-path gas analyzer for intercomparison. Bulletin of the Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, 9(1):31-36. ( Abstract: )