Updated: 2010-09-16

Portable System Observation 4, FJY

The ultrasonic anemometer-thermometer (SAT) was replaced by the power-saving model to lower system power consumption. Longer sampling tubes were also prepared for a case that the main unit was not installable at the observation height. The new configuration was tested in the Fujiyoshida forest meteorology research site, the same site as observation 1 , for operation check of the new SAT (CSAT3, Campbell) and to verify the influence of change in tube length.

Observation Period

8-20 April 2010


Fujiyoshida forest meteorology research site (japanese red pine forest)
Location: 35° 27.275' N, 138° 45.737' E., Elevation: 1030m asl.
Fujiyoshida (FJY) Site Information

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Installed SAT and air intake